July-August 2018 Eclipse Season Relief

July-August 2018 Eclipse Season Light Language & Akashic Enlightenment Healing and Soul Alignment Session For the eclipses this July and August I have been guided to do this Light Language healing and soul alignment transmission in Akashic Enlightenment that also contains Elohim Light Language Codes. It helps clear blocks and patterns that the eclipse is… Read More July-August 2018 Eclipse Season Relief

Read More July-August 2018 Eclipse Season Relief

Accelerated Soul Self Awareness Webinar

Accelerated Soul Self Awareness Webinar 4th Thursday of every month 6:30p-8:00p PacificIt’s time to focus on being aligned in your highest self and clearing the blocks, thoughts, patterns, memories, past lives, and expectations that hold you in a resistance to living your true self, freed and guided to live an authentic and aligned life that… Read More Accelerated Soul Self Awareness Webinar

June 2018 Ascension Message Update and Light Language Upgrades (strong/big codes!!!)

June 2018 Council of Light Ascension Message & Light Language.   Join bi-monthly Accelerated Soul Self Awareness teleconference for more: http://sherrymosley.com/events Private Shamanic Akashic Record with Light Language Readings & Healings:: 30 minute & 75 minute sessions http://sherrymosley.com/shamanic-akas… Akashic Enlightenment online courses and one-on-one trainings in office and via Zoom or Skype:: http://www.akashicenlightenment.com Akashic Enlightenment… Read More June 2018 Ascension Message Update and Light Language Upgrades (strong/big codes!!!)