(The Event) Light Language Transmission & Akashic Enlightenment Ascension Message, Elohim DNA Codes – Waves of Change

I decided to do this Akashic Enlightenment Reading based on a beautiful and massive wave of golden light and energy I saw coming when doing a Shamanic Akashic Record Reading for a lightworker client.

I’ve seen such waves before, one particularly in a dream in October of 2017. I’ve been told by my shamanic spirit teachers that this upcoming wave is this wave I’ve seen. It’s a wave that is raising abundance, energy, awareness all to a higher level. I’ve been told I’ve prepared and am getting others “on the ship”.

So here is a video of the Akashic Enlightenment reading I did on the upcoming wave I saw in this client’s reading.


Links to previous readings on the Waves of Promised Change:

Wave of Promised Change Continues Akashic Enlightenment Reading – July 2017

Wave of Promised Change Akashic Enlightenment Reading – August 2016

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Many blessings,
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP

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