Movies for Awakening and Ascension

As you go along your awakening process movies, and some TV series, are a great and FUN way to use the tradition of shamanic story telling for learning and empowering. Additionally many artistic works are channeled in from higher consciousness and the beyond. This makes movies a great way to experience a story in the 3D world to get you aligned with your Ascension process.

Also the Universe will speak to you in many different ways once you start opening the door and it knows you are listening and looking for the signs and guidance. Often this will come as movies with messages, seeing angel number sequences, songs on the radio or license plate messages. They/All That Is is excited you are listening and want to work with you to keep you on your path in your highest and best.

There are a considerable amount of movies about ideas that resonate closely with the Akashic Enlightenment classes and thus help really give you a visual of the process you are undergoing. Below are listed movies that coordinate with each Akashic Enlightenment class to further your work in that area. Some overlap between the classes as well.


Akashic Enlightenment: How to Access the Akashic Records and Book of Truth for Self Enlightenment, Healing and Ascension

  • Course and Movie Themes

    • How life is a series of repeating events until you understand the lesson and can move on, ultimately out of karmic loops, following guidance making it the easier route and the one that takes you to where you really want or are destined to go
    • How to receive and follow guidance
    • Free will of the ego to ignore guidance and take a different route it believes is best and will give you what you want
    • Remembering who you really are and your tools for guidance
    • Waking up to the method of receiving guidance
    • Following guidance
    • Time is not linear, past, present, future are all right now, learn from your misteps quickly and know that you can see the plan
    • As you awaken so do your abilities of greater awareness
  • Movies That Support This Courses Themes

    • Groundhog Day
    • Before I Fall
    • Star Wars: A New Hope
    • LA Story
    • Explorers
    • Bruce Almighty
    • Powder
    • Thelma

Akashic Enlightenment: Exploring Your Soul & Ascension

  • Course Themes

    • Opening up to greater consciousness to return back to Home/Source/All That IS, who you truly are in your Original Being state
    • Awakening and process of awakening the painful moment and the enlightening moments
    • Exploring who you are at a soul level
    • What and who is God/Source/Universe really
    • Reframing what your life really is
    • Facing death and why you’re here
    • Pushing you to see what you and what you think the world really is are all really capable of
    • Becoming aware of what time really is
    • Waking up to who you really are
  • Movies That Support This Courses Themes
    • Lucy
    • The Matrix
    • Mr. Nobody
    • Dark City
    • Solaris
    • Knowing
    • Dr. Strange
    • E.T.
    • The Nines


Akashic Enlightenment: Past Life Adventures & Knowledge

  • Course Themes

    • Becoming aware of the multiple timelines and experiences of your soul and how that changes and affects your overall life experience and awakening to who you truly are
    • Exploring who you are at a soul level
    • Reframing what your life really is
    • Facing death and why you’re here
    • Waking up to who you really are

  • Movies That Support This Courses Themes

    • Mr. Nobody
    • Days of Future Past
    • Time Traveler’s Wife
    • Back to the Future
    • Kate & Leopold
    • Lost (television series)


Akashic Enlightenment: Ascension, Soul Lineages & Relationships

  • Course Themes

    • Divine relationships
    • Surrendering to connection as a form of spiritual growth
    • Free will of you and others of the ego taking control over guidance of the relationship
    • Unconditional love versus conditional, selfish, ego driven love
    • Repeating situations in relationships in this life and in rebirth until you finally get it and return to Source and live from there truly loving who is in your life as they meet you with their highest self as well
    • Transcending your ego to follow the soul path connection between you and another to allow yourself to return back home to Source
    • Trutsting those in your life are here to help you and guide you on your path even when they trigger all your issues to be brought to be cleared and keep pushing you to continue
  • Movies That Support This Courses Themes
    • Edge of Tomorrow
    • Passengers
    • Groundhog Day
    • Stranger Things (Netflix series)
    • Ruby Sparks
    • Collateral Beauty
    • Source Code
    • Time Traveler’s Wife

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