8/14/18 Mount Shasta Interdimensional & Higher Being Contact

8/14/18 Mount Shasta Interdimensional & Higher Being Contact

We sat in a group outside of the house being used for the retreat. There were 17 of us sitting in a circle. The group leader led us through a guided meditation to synchronize our minds into a meditative harmonized state in which we envisioned a gold ring up above our heads. On closer look it then appeared to be a praying mantis type being, known commonly I later found out as a Mantis being. It seemed to be in charge or a leader.

As the contact meditation went along I felt and saw there was a pillar of white opaque light above us, an amorphous pillar of energy and white light almost like long tall stalks of seaweed floating up above us. Then amongst it seemed to descend multiple types of beings. Some looked like they had darker colored skin with almond eyes and I felt them descend first all the way down to the group. The air felt dense and like we were under water and my ears felt like surrounding sounds were on a diffent tonal level, more dense, like the air was thicker and heavier.

The entire time I felt all the different levels of beings in the beam above us. One came and sat on the left side of me that had more of a greenish skin and yellow eyes almost looking like a frog. I didn’t interact and just observed.

Many other species of beings I could see clairvoyantly seemed to flow in and out of the pillar above us and around us, almost like a type of being for each person in the group.

Finally, two orange yellow beings came down right in front of me, one to my front left and the other on my front right bent over. Just before this I felt a light language transmission and message come in but I didn’t share it with the group as I wasn’t sure everyone there was ok with that at that point. So I felt my mouth water and the energy came into me as a consciousness frequency. The two beings in front of me were doing some sort of healing work and I felt one with the dense energy we were sitting in in our group pillar.

Just after that the group started to close and I was still sitting with the orange yellowish glowing beings in front of me when the group started ooohhing and ahhhing as they looked above at a light in the sky that was moving across the sky which grew in size and was an orange yellow color. I felt this was related to the beings that I saw in front of me who shortly left after the siting.

Everyone talked about what they saw in the sky. As we talked my peer also said he experienced similar to what I had with the dense pillar of energy above us and sensing multiple beings of different types being present.

Akashic Enlightenment Reading On Contact Transmission

Who came to visit the group tonight?

Nashtar Event Horizon Group
An elite force of extra terrestrials sent to transform your Earth’s surface for harvest appropriate do when time available

What else can you tell me?

They are level 10-12 star group elite task force for enlightenment of humanity at this stage of your development.

Who were those two beings in front of me with that orange yellow color?

They are from a galaxy far far away out of your dimensional time zone and galaxy
Why did they visit?
You asked for high level enlightened beings
They heard your call
They are class level 10-12 star beings which is high on the consciousness level of such beings
They are down than other beings you are used to
They have much higher frequency tones that they emit and can bend time frequencies better than most which is how they heard you and arrived so quickly despite being so “far away”

What was the Light Language and message I was given in this contact session?

Fear not Earth beings for you are not alone
We are with you in heart and spirit always all you need to do is ask
We are here to give you the final message for your ascension platform at this time as you see fit
Here they are
(Tones follow…receive energy frequencies)
You are set to these new high frequency tones
Share these with others when you want to are ready
Thank you

Who are the Nashtar Event Horizon Group?
A group of interdimensional or extra terrestrial beings who travel the galaxies for those seeking assistance in their work and path
They are an assisting group for those new to these paradigmal shifts your planet is undergoing at this time
You can see them as a group preparing those who are ready for harvest
What do you mean?
Preparing those who are ready to leave this frequency to do work on higher frequencies without leaving their bodies
Adjusting your frequencies to higher frequencies for these final dimension code frequency upgrades your planet is now undergoing
These are timed codes and they are signed up to assist
They are a large ET (extra terrestrial) group gathered to help the many in any frequency they exist thus the variance of their group
Do not be fooled by their multiple appearances
They are an elite task force put together for this assistance at this time as seen fit
“Someone for everyone” you could say hence the safety in the variety of beings

Blessings now and thank you for asking
Transmission over


One thought on “8/14/18 Mount Shasta Interdimensional & Higher Being Contact

  1. Wow! Sherri!!!
    That is soo AWesome!! I am soo Happy for You and Your Group to have had contact!! Whoo….I am excited to hear the new frequency = Light language = Healing they revealed to You!! Please keep us all posted and let Us know when you plan to release any of it! I Love You and await patiently!!
    Many Blessings to You Sister,
    Sincerely, Destine Reed

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