Six Feet Under: Facing Fear, Fear of Death, Forgiveness and Love

“If you’re afraid of something, it probably means you should do it.”

“Death will shut you up quick. If you have something to say, say it.”

“When someone sees you as you really are, that’s powerful.”

“Make each day matter.”

Wow, SUCH a powerful series!! It truly does a magnificent job of showing us all the thoughts that we go through and project onto what is not even really there and how life takes twists and turns you’d never expect and how that leads down another path for more of exactly what is needed to be revealed all in order to truly LIVE.

The raw humanity that surfaces in this show is unparalleled and the rawness of emotions that is unveiled is amazing and tremendously deep. This series deals with many major sensitive, easily judged, life altering topics, including of course death, and what this does to and for people along their soul’s path of growth and awakening to what life is and can actually offer.

It shows the pain and greatness of facing absolute fear to face one’s fears and what comes when one does or doesn’t do this and the twists and turns life takes with this. It shows each character displaying how they deal with these fears, pushing and growing, living, and the tremendously deep emotions of loss, fear of death, fear of love, fear of true intimacy, fear of life itself and more fear it brings up to be dealt with or attempted in many multiple ways to be dealt with. There are either reckless explosions of emotions or actions or absolute escape and/or repression and how this eventually has to be actually unpacked and faced and how grand it is when the surrender is met, forgiveness moves in, healing happens and the love of life is embraced.

Watching this show is truly altering! Absolutely binge worthy and almost worth watching all the way through (over a few weeks) for just how the series is brought to an end…last 3 episodes make a very powerful movie. Truly a Divinely inspired series not to be missed.

It even rings a bit of a more mature emotional depth that John Hughes was so well at capturing the teen vision of in movies like The Breakfast Club and Pretty In Pink and the like.

(Spoilers in the following videos!!!)


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