8/17/18 Mount Shasta Sand Flat ET & Interdimensional Higher Being Contact

Aug 17 2018 Mount Shasta Sand Flat ET & Interdimensional Higher Being Contact Experience

In tonight’s contact we made 3 contacts and saw 7 ‘light bulb’ light up type extra terrestrial ships above us in the sky.

We were at Sand Flat Aug 17 2018 about 9:30p with about half of our group on this night, so about 8 or 9 of us.

Upon settling in I open up my Akashic Enlightenment preparing and attuning myself to make contact. I recite some Light Language to myself that naturally flows in preparing me for contact.

I played the Mount Shasta tones from Steven Greer’s ET Contact app for one 10 minute loop at which time some of us felt multiple groups come in.

The first group that was there immediately maybe even before playing the tones was a ship that was not fully materialized in our dimension and who I could just feel the presence of on the far right lower to the ground. They asked what out intention was. I asked our group leader and we agreed just whatever is in highest and best upon which immediately a transmission began. It just felt like a light energy pressure descending on the group and on my body. It was short and when done they left. I didn’t see anything specific about this group, they seemed shy.

The second group that came after the tones played I saw quite clearly clairvoyantly. They looked insect like and felt very serious and down to business. They had two antenna on their head and had faces like ants with pointed chins and black shiny skin but stood upright with two legs and arms. They had slightly oval dark eyes. They asked me we wanted and why did we call them, seeming a bit irritated we had no official business which is what they seemed to imply they were about. I felt put off by this and like it wasn’t necessarily the high frequency connection I was wanting to make which I felt they felt as well and thus if there was no work to do they weren’t interested in sticking around. They soon left realizing there was no work for them to do and it wasn’t a resonant match.

Then I saw another ship start to come down on the far right similar to the ship that looked like the being in the movie the Abyss, but soon that frequency faded.

It truly does feel like there are many beings that come in and it depends where you focus your internal radio tuner to what frequency of who you’re going to interact with…power of intention seems the biggest guide.

Then finally this very large ship came into the right side of the sky from where I was laying and looking up. It looked a bit like the big boxy ships that are in the original Star Wars movies except they were made out of all pure crystalline light. Upon seeing the ship and it’s white blue glow emanating from it I could feel a very deep and strong sense of peace and pure unconditional love and euphoria and so could those next to me feel a sense of great peace coming in. I felt the VERY high vibration of their ship, so euphoric. I felt like I couldn’t move or breath the intensity of the high frequency coming from the ship and it’s beings aboard was so high. I sat there for a minute just receiving this high frequency transmission of love. Then they telepathically asked me to come aboard so I boarded  their ship astrally, or with my consciousness, similar to a middle world shamanic journey. Once on the ship I felt the high frequency even more intensely and it made me feel a bit restless like I had trouble holding so much high frequency love and light in my physical body.

One of the ETs was there to great me. It had a sort of faded matte grey blue skin and body with two arms and two legs. It’s eyes were black, very large and round and filled with the deepest compassion that once you looked into them it was as if you could sink into their depths as if an entire universe or all of existence could be seen in their depth and wisdom.

It pointed its left arm at something in the center of the room or space we were on their ship and at its center. There was this rather large crystal lotus flower glowing and beaming pure white light. It was so truly beautiful. The being explained that their ship was run by this tiny tiny very powerful crystal a little bit bigger than the size of a pea. It further explained that that crystal gave them everything they needed, whatever they “need” to exist.

At this point people started talking in the circle and I was a bit distracted or couldn’t fully focus on what we were doing. Once refocused the being wanted me to come further aboard their ship. I felt a little nervous because I can feel more of me leaving Earth the further I moved into their ship.

I went forward and saw all these other beings aboard, quite a few of them, maybe 20. I could feel they were all connected and connected to the ship via the crystal. I felt so humbled and honored to be there and felt such a warm sense of welcome like when someone kindly welcomes you into their home. Meanwhile still trying maintain holding the high frequency they were at.

I tried asking who they were and received a name in clicks and sounds not reproducible in the human language.

Then more of our group were making noise as they were seeing what are called light bulb ships in the sky sky. They were these strong bright bursts of bright white light that would power up large and then disappear.

I refocused on the ship and asked what else. They asked what I wanted. I said how about teaching us self healing, I really had no idea and just grasped as I couldn’t think clearly in this high divine frequency they were emitting that felt like pure Divine Love, like what is talked about by those who’ve had an NDE or come into contact with a powerful high level ArchAngel.

They the beings sent a transmission which I could feel in my heart. Then our group was ready to go. So I slowly started to disconnect saying thank you. They said I could come back any time and visit them via shamanic journey to learn more from them. I asked them again what their name was and this time got an English name of Aqualorians.

I retraced my steps back out and down to my body. This was when more light bulb ships lit up the sky for a total of 7 for the evening.

Amazing, humbling, just truly amazing.
Thank you


Akashic Enlightenment Reading On This Contact

Who were those beautiful beings that I boarded their ship last night?

They are an ancient builder race here a long long long time ago before your galaxy ever existed. They came to talk to you Sherry about helping seed a new consciousness among your people. They are here still to teach you this when you are ready. It will be a new way to use Akashic Enlightenment, the tools you already have, in a new way.

What else can you tell me about them?

They are ancient and wise and do no harm
Harm is not in their resonance field any more
They are pure beings of light
Returned back to their state before incarnation and choosing to be a semi physical form to do good in helping others achieve such statuses
They are here to help



Peace. Love. Light. Joy.

Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP
Asian Acupoint & Herbal Medicine Therapist, Shamanic Akashic Record Practitioner & Psychic Medium, Akashic Enlightenment Author & Teacher

Enter your own spiritual journey in my book Akashic Enlightenment, Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension: A Tale and Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim



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