Maniac Series on Netflix…A Trip Through Alternate Lives for Healing

Well this series popped  up out of no where and is just AMAZING!! Kiss the next week good bye as this is truly a binge worthy series.

I really do not want to spoil it too much, but it is an excellent on screen story of  how people’s lives and soul contracted relationships bring us together to show us  our truest selves outside and away from any fears we may be trying to painfully live in is what the stories of the two main characters in this series shows us.


You’ll get a first hand account of what it’s like to do and receive an Akashic Record Reading and healing as this series dives into the intersecting lives (past, present and future as all time is now) of the two main characters helping them bond and reconnect at a deeper level that turns out to save both of them from what blocks their mind/ego has presented them causing each one ‘mental illness’. Each of the main characters relives and faces their cause of their mental illness and goes to the root pain to release it so they can step out of the looping pattern it is causing each of them to live in, something like going into the Akashic Records or into a shamanic journey to find the root of an illness on the level of the spirit and the mind and shine the light on it so it can become enlightened, acknowledged, seen, felt and finally healed through this process.

Through their meeting they move on to be more truly who they are as individual souls. Beautiful story!

They use pills and computers but we like to use Akashic Enlightenment 🙂


And of course there’s an 80s flashback which is just awesome and fun 😎. Also, wow I almost didn’t recognize Jonah Hill! Excellent acting from him and Emma Stone.

Ok that’s as much as I’ll say without spoiling it.


Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP


Enter your own spiritual journey in my book Akashic Enlightenment, Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension: A Tale and Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim


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