Increasing ET Contact and Open Disclosure in the U.S. – ET movies and series

Increasing ET Contact & Open Disclosure 

On the morning of May 8th, 2021 I had a very lucid dream of face to face extraterrestrial contact that assisted me in clearing the biological fight or fight response to such face to face extraterrestrial contact. I will be sharing 2 new transmissions on June 4th and 11th to assist others to clear this biological fear to prepare for extraterrestrial contact and especially face to face contact.In February of this year I was so surprised to hear that the U.S. government had an adendum added to the recovery economic bill in December of 2020 requiring them to openly disclose about UFOs. It mandates that the U.S. government has to become transparent and openly make a statement to UFO footage and their (extraterrestrial) existence.This disclosure has been occurring and will continue this year, which coincides with our second Saturn in Aquarius square to Uranus in Taurus of 2021 which takes place on June 14th, 2021. These three squares happening this year each bring a huge shift in reality as we know it and are majorily assisting humanity in waking up to the truth of who they are as beings, this year setting the template for the next 20 years. At the first square I experienced ET contact right here in open society in Sausalito California when a space laser was shot into the sky to honor all lives passed from the pandemic and the shut down music scene of which San Francisco has a massive one. A Mount Shasta retreat participant and I experienced contact with the Pleiadian Sirian Council here in Sausalito on February 12th and experienced two bright UFOs in the sky lighting up and also these cloaked shadow type ETs flying around, they usually cloak in some way when in open society so as not to frighten anyone. I posted pictures on my Instagram and have video of this encounter and channeled their message saying “big changes are coming that you won’t feel ready for but you are”.This second square on June 14th will be this open acknowledgment of unidentifiable flying objects, UFO, or as the government now refers to them, unidentifiable aerial phenomena, UAP. This will then open the door for the disclosure of much hidden higher technology to be released and used to assist humanity on many levels. is a video I made of Mount Shasta extraterrestrial contact we’ve made on our group retreats up there and will be again this year in August. more info on CE5 contact (human initiated extraterrestrial contact) and disclosure from Dr. Steven Greer.

Face to Face ET Contact PrepJune 4th & 11th, 202111a PT / 12p MT / 1p CT / 2p ET / 7p GTLive on Zoom & on replay forever

Are you ready to say hello to your extra terrestrial neighbors face to face? We are being called to prepare for this and these two sessions will create this preparation.

As a human your biological fight or flight system is going to first be triggered into seeing an extraterrestrial as dangerous as it had no data to recognize it. It is not common to Earth biology thus when it shows up the body immediately takes over to survive and thus run and get away. I experienced this in a dream on May 8th 2021. The dream I will discuss fully in this event but it’s purpose was to have to go through this activation and releasing this fear cycle after which the Aqualorians came in to permanently heal me of this fear for any future contact. The Aqualorians told me I am to now share this experience and transcendence or healing of this fear with others so they can prepare for face to face extraterrestrial contact. The time is coming closer and they need to be prepared I was told.

So these two transmissions will activate and clear these fears on a biological level creating the DNA knowledge of how to interface with extraterrestrials in third dimensional face to face contact. This will assist one in not moving to panic or shutting down the experience taking place due to fear and will allow for clear telepathic communication to occur so you can meet and greet your new extraterrestrial neighbor. Most if not all of these initial meetings will be with beings you know from prior starseed incarnations, meaning your experiences on these other planets. These beings will connect with you in a familair family way. You will learn to be open to receiving their name and what planet they are from and how they know you. After this you’ll be able to arrange meeting with them in ways that are good to both you and them and that allow for a benevolent and helpful relationship to form. These will be the first steps to extra terrestrials becoming a part of normal day to day existence. They have knowledge and gifts to share with you, they can offer healing and ways of doing or accomplishing things you’d otherwise never conceive of. This will advance human civilization in ways it has needed to for a long time but has been controlled by collective fear of which you are now moving out of.

For this event there will be an intro and Q& A and sharing after each of the 2 30-40 minute energy healing and alignment transmissions that will be working with Akashic Enlightenment, your Akashic Records and the Book of Truth (or Multiverse Knowledge) and the Aqualorian Crystalline Light Healing from the 9D Aqualorians Sherry met and was attuned by in Mount Shasta California. Their healing Light technique swiftly shifts DNA to its highest frequency available, corrects toroidal energy fields and brings in and establishes Light frequencies to be carried in your aligned Merkabah and life or soul path that aligns with this highest alignment.These sessions can be replayed anytime to assist you in aligning with your highest and best extraterrestrial contact session.



My Favorite ET and UFO (UAP) Movies & Series

All of these are SO well done and many are clearly taken from true events.


Taken (2002)

Before there was binging Stranger Things on Netflix, there was this masterpiece mini series by none other than master movie maker and story teller Steven Spielberg. This series is absolute gold and you can watch it free here. It spans decades of the same characters and their ancestors with their contact experiences. SO well done!

watch for free here:


Project Blue Book (2019-2020)

Great soft disclosure series found on Amazon Prime. This is based on the true events that astronomer J. Allen Hynek went through working with the U.S. government to hide ET and UFO encounters and they show some GREAT events and him creating his 7 classes of extraterrestrial close encounters, CE 1-7.


Explorers (1985)

My favorite childhood movie which I loved so much my grandpa built me a red spaceship in the backyard at their house that I would play in for hours. In this movie they get dreams of how to build a ship to go visit these extraterrestrials that are contacting them in their dreams.


Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)

Spielberg’s classic and best UFO and ET contact movie. He worked with J. Allen Hynek to get the information to make this movie, which they actually show in Project Blue Book.


E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial (1982)

The most classic extraterrestrial contact movie ever and I’ve seen it countless time. Thank you Spielberg! ET phone home.

ET returns, a commercial but totally great!!


Super 8 (2011)

Spielberg & JJ Abrams film with kids on an adventure to find out what secret the government is hiding…spoiler alert, it’s extraterrestrial technology but wait for it in the end, it is SO worth it! ET for the new generations. Love heals all!!!


Arrival (2016)

Just a great experience of contact and going outside of linear time, as ETs actually are. Also this movie seems to point to Light Language.


Starman (1984)

This movie definitely surprised me at how great it is in it’s extraterrestrial coming to Earth experience. It’s a great love story as well of such unconditional love.


Knowing (2009)

Not a classic extraterrestrial movie and it’s a mindbender as well, a story of awakening to a mew level of humanity. The end scene is worth it ultimately.


Flight of the Navigator (1986)

Extraterrestrials for kids! I loved this movie as a child and still love it. Great fun contact experience and out of linear time concept.


Resident Alien (2021)
An extraterrestrial comes to Earth and blends in…learning what not to do and ultimately loving humans.


Midnight Special (2016)

Not a typical extraterrestrial story but a nice story and movie of being superhuman, or non-human.


Roswell (1999)

A well done series based on a book series of a human looking extraterrestrial and his ‘family’ who are in Roswell finding out who they are and one who saves the main character sending them on a journey and changing their lives forever.


Communion (1989)

A somewhat strange and surreal ET film that focuses directly on contact and it is based on a book.




Blessings,Peace. Love. Light. Joy.
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP
Asian Acupoint & Herbal Medicine Therapist, Shamanic Akashic Record Practitioner & Psychic Medium, Akashic Enlightenment Author & Teacher

Enter your own spiritual journey and shift your life into alignment with your True Soul Self and step into a life of joy, abundance, grace, harmony, wellness, outside of false perceptions and beliefs, karma, patterns and pain of unconscious and conscious free will. Check out my books Akashic Enlightenment, Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension: A Tale and Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim and Origins of Humanity & Ways of Esotericism As Known By the Light now on Amazon and/or sign up for personal readings, training sessions and retreats with me. Step into your best life now!!!


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