Sliders…Parallel Universes, Dimensions, Lives

So since the 11/11 Gateway through December of 2018 my spirit teachers have been teaching me again about parallel dimensions and how to time travel. About a year and a half ago they showed to me this concept of the parallel dimensions and how to visit them through shamanic journey and see my other selves in other lives. It took me a while to soak this in, hence the current retraining as we shift in dimensional consciousness as the paradigm shift at hand continues.

In my shamanic journeys my spirit teacher writes these complicated formulas on a chalkboard and then the energy they represent pops off the chalkboard and he moves it to a part of the teaching room we are in and spreads it out making a hole to another world. I step through and he shows me things and gives me lessons pointing out that that is the entire point of multiple universes/parallel lives.

sliders-second-season.51688In order to help me better understand this, I was guided to watch the old television show Sliders. In the show they jump through a portal to another dimension with their bodies and go and visit it. My spirit teacher has taught me that we actually jump through with our mind.

This could also all be compared to the Akashic Records and understanding how they work exactly. Since it is an energetic record it is the database basically of all of these parallel universes/dimensions/lives. Thus, when I do an Akashic Record reading for myself or another individual all of these dimensions or parallel lives in parallel universes are accessible.

Now my spirit teacher says that each life we experience something and that experience is the point or reason or purpose of anything that exists including you, your soul. Thus, as a soul here and now in this dimension or time you can experience once thing but in a parallel universe you’re having a different experience.


This concept is well laid out in multiple episodes of Sliders where the characters meet their other selves. Through this mirroring, as it is actually very accurately referred to in season 4 episode 5 World Killer, the main character faces himself as do some of the other characters saying that now that they have seen a version of themselves they can see certain behaviors just aren’t good or beneficial and something they’d like to let go off or grow out of now that they can see it in front of them. This is soul evolution without the unnecessary reincarnation loop and a faster and more efficient soul growth, some say which is actually how it’s naturally intended and that humanity just forgot how to do this.

Thus, as we step forward in these paced evolutionary times we are being given access to parallel dimensions and lives and the Akashic Records so we can see our true selves quicker and more clearly through experiencing multiple outcomes for situations or seeing beyond the loop or pattern we tend to usually follow leading us down a side path of distraction and slow evolution back Home or to a higher state of living through more awareness and alignment to our higher selves and Source.

This entire concept is also touched on, in the spiritual sense, in the Book of Truth/Laws of the Universe channeled scribed material that is in my book Akashic Enlightenment, Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension: A Tale and Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim. In it it talks about following the lies of others or false beliefs and how this takes you into alternate worlds/dimensions/universes that are NOT of the True Universe.

So, in a given moment your mind can choose which dimension/parallel universe it is going to follow. Each one holds a different journey, the outcome ultimately being the same, return to Source. Thus, it is imperative to follow your highest guidance lest you follow a detour that takes a lot of time and can often feel painful, a sign it’s not your highest path/option/choice and try again. The key is to learn to dial in to that higher path with mind training, stepping out of ego, using tools like meditation and reading your Akashic Records to follow that path that maybe you’re a little afraid to follow but something inside you is telling you to DO IT.

Now of course today I just happened to synchronistically receive this great BBC documentary about parallel universes in my YouTube recommendations. It is another great visual aid for understanding these concepts.


Peace. Love. Light.
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP


Learn how to access your own Akashic Records and the Book of Truth and more in my book Akashic Enlightenment, Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension: A Tale and Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim





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