Ascension and Relationships: Edge of Tomorrow

This has to be one of the biggest topics these days. How do I do my path and maintain and respect my relationships? How do they come into play?

There are many questions and as I ramp up to teaching the Akashic Enlightenment Ascension, Relationships and Soul Lineages class I’ve been shown just how important this subject is, again, through those accountable not following through and the unraveling and course redirection this causes us and the Universe due to ego’s use of free will and the Universe’s attempt to heal that and keep you aligned with your highest and best. We are all on a path and we are all sent our divine helpers in roles of partners, friends, family, co-workers and peers. Sometimes we don’t see what they are doing for us or what we are doing for them or where what we are doing is actually leading but pay attention because it IS happening. It is a privilege and almost a right of passage at some point to wake up and really recognize where this ‘other person’ (some believe all are just reflections of ourselves) is helping you go. Some people hold more weighty roles in this than others so it is important to really see who is in your life and how  they are helping you and you them and is it soul aligned or misaligned and guiding you to go else where. All great retrospective and meditative thoughts. Love, honesty, surrender and commitment are key.

A great example of seeing how others play major roles in our awakening process and how to honor that and wake up to it are a few movies. Of course first there is the classic Groundhog Day. A little on the lighter side but Bill Murray really learns to get it together and become a genuine being and appreciating others once the idea of death is taken off the table and he gets stuck repeating the day till he surrenders and grows.

Just like in Edge of Tomorrow where a very reluctant Tom Cruise once over the idea of death also stuck in a repeating day realizes that that is not the purpose of life and he enters into an opportunity to surrender all fears and join his divine companion to help him finish what they both came here to do, a higher purpose. A great testament of how divine relationship and companionship take us on our Ascension path, come hell or high water, to face your fears, and stick to it or don’t and have it repeat all over again till you do.

So it is best to know how those in your life are honoring you in a way that maybe you don’t even see and would benefit to take the time to do so and accept and accelerate what you came here to do together or let those go who are not honoring your highest and best path and who are merely holding you back from who you really are and what you are really here to do.

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