Healthy Gut (Spleen/Stomach) For Immunity, Autoimmune, Fatigue, Allergies, Skin, Weight, Clear Mind

This is a great list for those with leaky gut or weak digestion (spleen stomach deficiency in Traditional Chinese Medicine) usually related to and causing weak immunity, autoimmune diseases (hypothyroidism), chronic fatigue, food allergies, weight issues, and brain fog.

  1. Top healing foods to nourish your gut:
    1. Bone broth (drink daily or use in soups)
    2. Coconut milk (drink or cook grains in) and oil (cook with)
    3. Krout
    4. Goat milk (kefir & yogurt)
    5. Root vegetables & squashes
  2. Probiotic (5 billion strain)
  3. Adaptogens or tonifying herbal medicine and herbs that drain dampness (body fat) specifically given to you according to your signs and symptoms thus personalized for your personal body type and elemental weaknesses (Ginseng/Ren Shen, Astragalus/Huang Qi, Licorice/Gan Cao, Poria/Fu Ling, Codonopsis/Dang Shen)
  4. Digestive enzymes for when you eat heavy meals or cross contamination.
  5. Emotional stress:
    1. Shamanic Akashic Record Readings/Healings to clear negative patterns draining your energy and stressing out your physical body.
    2. Meditation and your own Akashic Record or Shamanic Journey work to reduce your stress and align with your soul desires and not trained desires.
    3. Chinese herbal medicine to reduce harmonize your body under stress and worry (sooth your Liver Qi which causes problems with your digestion and harmonize your Spleen/Stomach Qi which causes worry)
  6. Acupoint Therapy 1-2x/ month (benefits of acupuncture without needles and best for chronic conditions)
  7. Custom diet and lifestyle suggestions which I’ll provide after looking at your personal signs and symptoms and your body’s natural weak spots.


To get started on your personal wellness plan contact me today and start feeling better now!

Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP


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