Wonder Woman as Holy Spirit/Shekinah, Here to Bring Humanity HOME


Wow wow wow wow wow. I couldn’t get out of the movie theater fast enough to get home and write this. This movie was sent from God/Source/Universe without a doubt with an overall theme of having a mission to end war/ego, stay on path and ultimately follow love. This movie was non-stop from beginning to end!

Spoilers so if you haven’t seen it then choose to keep reading or stop.

Let’s start off with Diana/Wonder Woman being the daughter of Zeus is created as a part of God built to destroy war, which represents the ego mind. War is the god Ares and who she is created to destroy one day. She feels this in every part of her being even as a child. She knows her mission to her core and there is no stopping her. She lives in a world not of the human world, representing divinity or being not of humanity, a god or part of God as Holy Spirit, like a lightworker here to help humanity wake up.


Screen Shot 2017-06-04 at 12.08.21 AM.pngThen the pains the ego via Ares’ intervention and humans individual free will choice to listen, has caused humanity to go to war with each other representing pure egoic take over. Diana, Wonder Woman, sees this when it lands in her own backyard when pilot Steve crashes there who she saves beginning their now holy relationship. I would consider their relationship a holy one or a divine one as he brings her to her calling and each ultimately bring each along each of their highest soul paths ultimately.


Once out in the human world she shows her inner strength, high morals, unconditional love and tender heart towards those suffering or in need, as Steve with his honor and integrity, shows her how to navigate in this strange new world of humanity. He helps bring her into this realm and when they go through battle together as she follows her heart to help those who are in need of her, she is sure to say “we” did it, humbly and lovingly knowing full well none can do this alone and she is but there to help them make a choice they may have not known or been able to see they had prior to her arrival. This very much represents how the Holy Spirit or divine guidance steps in. When situations arise there is always an appeared choice between that of following higher guidance or free will that follows the ego and it’s trained patterns, fears, hates and disbeliefs due to it’s belief in being separate from God. She knows she’s the daughter of Zeus and thus a god with a mission to end war, Ares, reign of the ego intervening on the way back Home to love/God/Source/All That Is.

She represents the Holy Spirit and has dear holy companions along the way.


Particular scene of divinity:

As the final scene when Steve the pilot knows what he must do, he says good bye to her knowing that he can save that day and she can save the world. They part ways, him knowing that the best thing he can do in that moment, despite loving her so dearly and of course not wanting to part, knows that following his own soul path and destiny in that moment is what will truly serve all the best. Following ego and special/codependent relationship go as he steps away and she turns to face Ares and they each move forward on their soul paths.

mv5byzexzmvhnmetytrlzs00yzi0lwfjmwmtndqxnjhmzwmznjfixkeyxkfqcgdeqxvynjczote0mzm-_v1_Then when all seems to be lost and she seems defeated by Ares and realizes Steve is going to die in saving everyone from the toxic gas and watches him explode in doing so, in that moment of feeling that deep loss, touching and embracing that deep pain brings her heart to the surface cracking it wide open. She rises up to face the ego and saying no, love will win. She feels it all and knows all are worth saving in the name of love and she rises up practically in an ascension pose above the ground in the air as if Christ on the cross and then uses her nemesis Ares’ own power against him to defeat him as love reflects back what is thrown at it in an attempt to harm it. Ares/ego is destroyed by his own hate and bringing of war as love absolves it by reflecting it and it finally ceases.


On a feminine note, I was brought to tears so many times in this movie seeing her be who she really knew she was despite entering a world that said she was not any of that. She came into this world with so much strength, love, courage, vulnerability and high morals, knowing exactly who she was, not forgetting for a minute who she truly is despite lifetimes of this truth being striped away by mankind and in our world, the church. She represents pure Shekinah, the left hand side of God, the Holy Spirit, that so many women and men have forgotten they are…we are all part of the Divine Feminine and she is coming back to save us all and bring us all back Home to God/Source/All That Is through love, because it is time. And so it is.


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