Edenlight Garden

So I was called and told to visit this amazing garden and finally did yesterday. Wow, what an amazing 5th dimensional experience. So much powerful energy there with many portals created by Brain George’s amazing sculptures. I felt my crown chakra at some spots and my third eye at others and opened my akashic records while there to receive some amazing transmissions of just pure bliss, love and peace. This sacred spot definitely feels like Mount Shasta and the power there but in a more balanced and centered way. Upon returning home I did need to rest and ground as if I’d been overwhelmed with the excited greeting from this magical place.

Below are some pictures of the sculptures and some of the phantoms (kind of like large and fully formed Orbs) that visited.

Thank you Brian for creating such a powerful and magical place. We are sad this place is being forced to move and that some of the sculptures will be moved to the IONS center in Petaluma but are excited to see where things lead next.

Visit their blog: https://edenlightgarden.wordpress.com/


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