Body Mind Spirit Soul of Depression, Anxiety and Insomnia

As someone who helps many with their health concerns I wanted to post a general explanation of what and how depression,  anxiety and insomnia exist according to the body mind spirit soul view, particularly in Asian Medicine and Shamanic/Akashic practices.

First, most illnesses are a sense of lack through separation from God/Goddess/Source/Universe. Thus, illnesses, or dis-eases, I speak of here do not include major disabilities that were environmentally caused. The ones I speak  of come from lack of connection to Source. Feeling this lack brings emotions like fear to the ego and thus experienced in the body as the body lives as the mind sees. So, first, having a daily practice of working on your connection to God/Goddess/Source/Universe is ultimately helpful. I teach Akashic Enlightenment and Shamanic Journeying for these purposes.

Now, on your path doing your work the fear comes up naturally time to time to be replaced with love. However, once the fear is going in the mind it creates ideas of worry, loss, panic, anxiety, etc. These emotions use extra Qi and blood of the body as they run their course unchecked on top of regular physical exertion and daily tasks. So, for example let’s use relationship distress as that seems to be one of the biggest ones for everyone.

When this root fear of losing someone or going through an identity trauma with someone like betrayal comes up it naturally starts using the Heart Qi on overdrive as it is emotional and thus affects the Heart first. Then it pulls on the Kidney Qi (adrenals in western medicine) for back up support which can lead to adrenal fatigue when these emotions go undealt with and are running in the background long term. Depending on the intensity of the emotion and level of shock involved is reflected in how much Kidney Qi is asked to come fill in and support. As the Heart Qi gets used so does the blood as Qi makes blood and blood is used by the Heart to hold the spirit, or Shen as it is called in Asian Medicine. Soon there is not enough blood to keep the Heart Qi balanced and the spirit, or Shen, gets restless. It’s home in the Heart is now not warm and strong to hold it in place and it’s restlessness then manifests as heart palpitations, aching sensation in the chest, anxiety, restless sleep, restless mind, weepiness and crying, inability to fall asleep or stay asleep. So now there is anxiety and soon insomnia showing up.


Now this lack of blood due to draining of Heart Qi due to relationship stress starts to affect the Liver Qi and Liver blood as the Liver stores the blood according to Chinese Medicine theory. The stress that the relationship distress causes also causes the Liver Qi to constrain and stagnant and because the Heart Qi is using more than it’s usual share of blood it’s now also stressing the Liver by pulling on it for more blood please. Now the Liver wants to help out and do its job for the situation, however, the way the Liver does this is by having you sleep and thus why it’s time of day (all the organ systems in Asian Medicine have a time of day on the 24 hour clock) is 1-3am. Now the Liver wanting you to sleep so it can make this blood is often termed “depression” by western standards and when it is not balanced in its function will cause you to wake from 1-3a. Then during the day you feel tired and don’t want to do much but lay on couch and read or marathon watch Stranger Things on Netflix. You don’t feel like doing much of anything and western society will label this as a problem and that you need medication which many will go and get. Now there is a time a place for medication but overall it will not heal the root of the issue, sleep and rest will as well as Asian Herbal Medicine to help build blood and eating healthy and of course meditation to calm the mind and recenter overall.

So, overall depression, anxiety and insomnia are all related to Qi and blood depletion due to emotional upset in this case but also can arise due to overwork which is also overuse of Qi and which is why the distraction of overwork or busy work in these situations only antagonize the problem. Thus, we are back at square one of having a regular spiritual practice to really go within and find where that imbalance is, release what feelings need to be released and realign with your true soul self. This is where I usually do an Akashic Record reading/healing to help clear these negative thought patterns that are aligning one with the ego and also shamanic healing to help return the soul back to harmony with the body, mind, spirit.

I hope this has helped you better learn about your journey here and answering the call to love and I am here to offer assistance should you seek it.

Peace. Love. Light.
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP


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