The January 2017 Energy Shift and New Earth Shift

So now that we are all past last week and the energy is rushing forward now and many are busy with everything delevoping and their soul paths springing forward, I just wanted to acknowledge that yes that last full week of January hit hard with many new energies coming in. Many I spoke to were feeling the symptoms of fatigue and dizziness and really the best relief for these waves appears to be deep meditation, rest and water. I also practice Japanese acupoint therapy and Chinese herbal medicine which help with symptoms and Shamanic journeying and Akashic Record reading and energy clearing helps to understand just where you are in your process what changes you are going through with the energies.

And just in case you are still wondering what is going on or if it is really going on below is an article showing the Schumann resonance changes here. We really are a New Earth.


If you need assistance in your Ascension process just send me an email and we’ll see how I can best help you.

Peace. Love. Light.


Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP


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