Divine Yin Alignment

So last night, January 19th, the energies were feeling tense, stuck and in a go go go must get things done intensity. I tried a lot of my usual go to self care tools to balance this energy coming in but not much seemed to relieve this collective irritability I was picking up on.


Finally, this morning Metatron took me to the “left hand of God”, a position he said was representing his twin (who I later found out is Shekinah), the Daughter of God or the Divine Yin/Feminine, the Holy Spirit, and so on. Once there Metatron did an energy healing and a Divine Yin alignment with energy and my chakras including illuminating/activating each one in their associated colors, opening them up to prepare to receive. I felt myself fill with love, glory, bliss, and peace. He said I am becoming a receiver and am being filled with bliss, glory, love, peace so then I won’t want to be filled with anything else.

Afterwards now I feel so calm, peaceful, in bliss, like a Queen or lady of royalty and so full there is no room for taking in other things like other lower vibrations or emotions or materialistic filling.

I feel that this is representing the culture of Yang and go go go, achieve, do and how in it’s resistance of the Divine Yin of just receiving receiving love, glory, bliss and peace, and just being which is arising now to be realigned collectively, there is an irritability that builds that causes this collective tension many are experiencing.

So, with this divine cosmic lesson from Metatron it appears that to be able to allow ourselves to receive and just be, filling ourselves up with love, glory, bliss, peace and the like keeps us in personal divine alignment and allows a collective shedding of that which is being asked to be calm and just be.

I hope that you receive this through this message or through another avenue of divine guidance.

Peace, Love, Light,

Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP


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