Energy Shifts, Symptoms and Reassurance

There are energy shifts still rolling through in February 2017 and many are having symptoms ranging from fatigue, strange dreams, no appetite to strange cravings, feeling spaced out, cranky, loss of time or memory, confusion, disorientation, etc.

According to the Akashic Records and the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light there in, here is what they share about this.

Why do so many feel so tired and spaced out and other symptoms?
What is the best remedy for it or way to get through it?

You are going through “the change”.

What does that mean?

Your cells are changing and growing.
Remember when you were a baby and would sleep all the time, well this is just like that.
You sleep and eat and get cranky if you don’t.
It’s simple, but no one is accepting it as adults due to the system that is in place (society day to day norms).
It is not a time of work but a time of quiet and growth within.

Rest and water and snacks.
 Your body is growing inside.

Furthermore, in a shamanic journey I was given the analogy that as a tree that sheds its bark that is there to protect it from its environment, when the environment changes it will shed its bark, revealing a shining golden tree emanating light and to not get caught up in the losing or falling away of the bark but focus upon the shining tree within. This is what humanity is experiencing at this time. As our environment changes so do we and in this case it is a stripping down of the rough protection we’ve needed on Earth in her old energy to embrace her new energy as New Earth.

So just know that this process underway is just a natural process of rebirth or evolution in fast forward of which everyone is or will experience in their own way at their time.

Peace. Love. Light.
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP

If you feel unprepared or wish to have one on one assistance I offer personal Akashic Record readings on how you can best get through these shifts. Please email me to book your reading:

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