July-August 2018 Eclipse Season Relief

July-August 2018 Eclipse Season
Light Language & Akashic Enlightenment Healing and Soul Alignment Session

For the eclipses this July and August I have been guided to do this Light Language healing and soul alignment transmission in Akashic Enlightenment that also contains Elohim Light Language Codes. It helps clear blocks and patterns that the eclipse is bringing to the surface to be released and it brings in higher frequency energy aligning you with your highest and best self, soul path and ascension path. You will feel lighter and/or giggly afterwards noticing that what seemed to matter so much before you are now less concerned with and can move on to what is being brought to you in its place and thus accelerated into your highest, best and most joyous path.

You can listen to this 20 min MP3 multiple times while going through the eclipses of July and August and it will continually clear what is being brought up and realign you with the changes the eclipses are bringing in that are in your highest and best.

When one is aligned these massive eclipses purely propel you forward into all that you’ve already been working on and you are accelerated into the new improved you. You glide gracefully and gquickly forward. If you are hating it, then something is asking to be released.

If you need personal guidance on next steps please contact me for a personal Shamanic Akashic Record reading.

20 minute MP3

Thank you,
Peace, Love, Light, Joy,
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP


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