July 2018 – Eclipse Season!!

Eclipse Season!!

In case you didn’t know there is a powerful eclipse on July 12th AND on July 27th and then more coming in August. You may be feeling the pressure and heat all around these powerful astrological transformations to make big decisions and big changes in your life and the Universe has brought me to you to help.

Clients always feel better after a reading and/or a treatment and herbal medicine usually feeling lighter, clearer mind, blissful, calm, joyous, comforted, enlightened, as peace, change and healing comes into their life gracefully.

My Shamanic Akashic Record reading and healing working with Akashic Enlightenment and shamanic healing techniques including light language will assist you with:

  • Clearing past life karma & realigning with your highest soul self
  • Clearing blocks that are keeping you stuck
  • Revealing & clearing the root of patterns holding you back
  • Receiving clarity on goals, desires and next steps to take
  • Stepping out of fear and aligning with your higher self to move forward
  • Clarity and relief on feelings of confusion, sadness or anxiety

An Asian Integrative Medicine treatment and herbal medicine from me will assist you with:

  • Feeling aligned and lightened
  • Feeling calm, clear, collected
  • Reduced stress and deeply relaxed
  • Clear fatigue
  • Move out of depression
  • Feeling balanced instead of scattered
  • Assist in restful deep sleep
  • Restore digestion

15% discount
when you mention this post in booking your session in July before July 31st, 2018. Book now before slots fill up!

Many Blessings,
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP



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