Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP Interview With Quantum Healing Practitioners

portrait2017Meet Practitioner Sherry Mosley!

Sherry Mosley is from San Francisco, California, a Northern California native. She comes from a long line of intuitive healers and medicine women and has been on a journey that has brought her here as the healing practitioner she is today.

Sherry was raised and educated in a hippie religious alternative community in San Francisco in the 1980s. At their St. Michael’s school, similar to many Waldorf schools, she was exposed to being a humanitarian, where the inclusion of Saints, Angels, God/Source and spirit were in daily life as well as exposure to nature, different cultures and art as part of the regular curriculum.

She offers a wide variety of modalities and classes, this woman has an extensive education and some great life stories to boot.

It was great to meet Sherry on our LIVE Facebook “Meet the Practitioner” Series. Here is the YouTube replay of that-

We also asked Sherry some more questions and she answered them in depth, below.

How do all of the various modalities and teachings you have experienced and learned come together for you as a unique practitioner?

I’ll be honest it has taken a while to get the pieces of this mystical puzzle put together, but I feel I am there for now with what I’ve been given. Some modalities were just precursors to learning the next or collecting my soul memory of who I am here now on Earth. Overall that this point, I have found that any pain or suffering is due to one being out of alignment with their true higher self, thus the Divine Source, and then that can lead to a line of other issues mentally, physically and spiritually. Now and then some things are due to pure environmental causes or physically like a very poor diet, but most have a spiritual root. Thus, I use my Chinese and Japanese medicine skills to handle the body mind and spirit, particularly on recovering the body’s ailments from deeper misalignments, and then will go in and do Akashic Record readings or shamanic healing to gain clarity upon and clear misalignments on a soul level so as to cut the “dis-ease” off at the root assuming the soul is ready and in agreement with this and not continuing to choose free will and misalignment.

Of course since I do my work this way I generally only see people who really want to get better or change their lives and who are not seeking just a quick fix, but a life change to who they truly are and can be. I say me but really I feel I’m acting as a guiding conduit here to just help people on their way. Ultimately, I recommend that all of my clients have some sort of spiritual practice with which they quiet their mind and tune into their own higher guidance to prevent too much free will taking over their lives and causing more misalignments and encouraging them to live a soul aligned life of their dreams. For this I offer Akashic Enlightenment training and also Shamanic Journeying lessons for the client to gain their own higher self guidance system and keep raising their vibration.

Tell us some more about your Akashic Enlightenment class- who is it for? Can other practitioners benefit from taking the class?

The Akashic Enlightenment Online Academy is for any and everyone wanting to meet themselves on a higher level and ascend to being out of ego control while here on Earth. The Akashic Records naturally adjust to give you no more than you can handle thus some may get more than others at a time but it is safe and for everyone. Traditionally there is an age limit on such practices for those who are legally an adult. If you are already a lightworker or teacher it will bring you to a much deeper place of understanding, repeatedly, as you do the coursework over and over, over time.

I was given the Akashic Enlightenment prayer and was told to teach it. It came to me through an Arcturian channel and I was told it was given to me by Ascended Master Jesus/Christ Consciousness who I do a lot of work with presently and in the past.

The Akashic Enlightenment classes are a series of powerful realignment classes that will teach you how to access your own Akashic Records for self enlightenment and ascension through the 11th density Book of Truth, the Universal Truth of which your Akashic Records are a part of, by using a 5th dimensional consciousness access prayer as your gateway to seeing the Book of Truth from your soul’s highest perspective.

The Book of Truth is timeless and universal and is the big library of which your Akashic Records are but one hallway of.

You’ll experience your own Akashic Records and their Divine wisdom and knowledge of your past, present and future lives. Through this you are helped to understand better why you are here, how your soul is experiencing the ascension process underway at this time, who is helping you in this process and how, clear old energy to help you move along and follow your soul’s path of Ascension instead of following outdated or learned patterns, fears, traumas and anxieties. In addition, the healing energy of just being in your own Akashic Records also shifts you to a higher vibration which you will feel upon opening your records and which will help you align with who you are at your soul level.

These courses work with your personal connection to personal enlightenment and ascension through your own Akashic Records using the power of questions to bring instant clarity and manifestation of consciousness to you. This in and of itself will bring you to a higher awareness of who you really are and will teach you how to continue to align yourself in such a manner so you can maintain this consciousness and continue it to return back to Source/God/All That Is.

Thus even if you are an advanced lightwkrker it is a good modality to continue to stay in your highest alignment even during the rougher patches. Ultimately one will ascend beyond needing this and will become ultimately fully aligned and fully out of ego control.

The latest class, Divine Love, will include a healing prayer one can use on themselves and others.

If a client wants a session, how do they choose or know which one of your various services to request?

Generally if there are manifestations of misalignment on the physical level they are concerned about I suggest starting with a Chinese and Japanese medicine treatment with full medical background intake. Then on the third session I will do an akashic record reading about the “illness” to bring to light it’s cause and clear it so the body and mind can settle back into alignment. This can also be a process over time because as we realign one part another part comes to light but such is the ascension and healing process for all.

If someone has experienced trauma or has significant stuck patterns and/or is eager to move along their path or is a lightwkrker waking up to who they are I suggest getting an Akashic Record reading and also learning Akashic Enlightenment and/or Shamanic Journeying which I will teach them. Then they are empowered to keep to their highest self and wake up to who they truly are. I do follow up sessions for these from time to time with them as needed.

If someone is seeking divine guidance and wisdom on a particular subject or area of life or just wants to clear old patterns or relationships then I suggest an Akashic Record reading. I have found too that my shamanic soul retrievals and extraction work are now taking place in the Akashic Records so I do not do the traditional shamanic soul retrievals and extractions I used to do unless guided to.

When I do the Japanese acupoint treatments I use my Reiki healing abilities to bring the Qi through the Teishin contact needle to the client thus never needing to insert traditional acupuncture needles into the body. I have also combined this with using Arcturian Healing Light during these acupoint sessions to give my clients quantum healing on anything that I may not be seeing or working with directly.

Lastly, Light Language has thus far only been used for global messages and realignment healing at certain times of change of which I’ve been guided to record and share. I feel this modality will be used more in the near future.

Tell us more about the Light Language- what does it feel like to come through you, has it changed at all, and how long did you experience this before sharing with the world?

Haha, light language, what a rude awakening that one was. LOL. Let me tell you I wasn’t ready for this one. I was told in my Akashic Records August of 2016 when I was in Mount Shasta on a retreat that I was going to receive the ability to speak light language while I was there. Sure enough that September it started. First when I was doing my own shamanic journey work I would get this nauseous feeling and I felt like i wanted to speak but couldn’t find the words. It was very uncomfortable and confusing and my guides kept telling me to quit resisting so I did and it came out almost like an outpouring, very fast at first, definitely feeling like being spoken through and involuntary. It was quite uncomfortable at first but felt worse when I resisted, like pent up. So I did it and I’d grab my iPad or iPhone and start recording when it started coming up. At first I didn’t know what I was saying which bothered me despite my friends telling me they could feel the calm energy when they listened to it and they liked it and wanted more. I was pretty set on having a translation so of course I started getting translations in English that followed them. Very quickly this medium was used in my shamanic journeys and meditations to bring in transmissions for New Earth from the Galactic Council and the Council of Light, both of which I found out I am a member of as a lightworker here on Earth at this time.

Now when I do light language I feel calm and light and feel my heart chakra open and it feels quite divine. I really need to remember to work with it more for it is quite a gift.

I feel it all came on with the wave of change that rolled in in Fall of 2016. As I accepted my Akashic Enlightenment work speaking light language was the next step or a part of that. Both modalities are to help everyone ascend to New Earth (aka the paradigm shift), a definite part of why I’m here. I say that with candor. I have to admit I am humbled and still resist at times that this is all happening and often find solace in the story of Dr. Helen Schucman who was the scribe for A Course In Miracles. It is all a blessing and I feel blessed with such abilities but they are not mine and are for everyone else thus I do them for that reason. Sometimes our soul work pounds down the door and at this point I feel ill if I choose free will off my aligned path. So I am a humble messenger who sounds like she’s speaking a funny foreign language at times, lol.

I also find that the light language sounds a bit like shamanic power dances which usually contain a song that you hum or sing to rebuild power. At times some transmissions come through as that, a song.

What do you see changing about humans (their bodies, their consciousness)  in 2017?

For this I am going to channel through the Akashic Enlightenment Akashic Record access prayer.

This is a tough question in that everyone is on their own path of light to wake up at their own time. There are no “must dos” or “have to”. This process is a chosen gift by the higher consciousness known as God/Source/All That Is and those that help us align with that is as they have already taken this leap out of higher consciousness choice to be able to see and be who they truly are while here in this dimensional reality. This is a choice, again. Many choose to NOT do this and this is ok and allowed but for those who are choosing to embark on this their path of light there are many magnificent changes to come this year.

Many will find their chosen partners if they have not yet found them. Many will develop or align with their latent telepathic abilities so they can now communicate more freely with each other and the collective consciousness. Only those who have released enough and out of control of ego will be given such abilities so as to do so out of love for your fellow being and to work in quicker ascension of the whole who has chosen to ascend at this time.

There will be changes in the body such a lightness, a feeling of fullness and joy unparalleled to what has been experienced before. All of this is contingent upon how much fear an individual has released but the potentials for the end of this year in particular are quite astounding to free oneself out of third dimensional guided life consciousness to fifth dimensional guided life consciousness.

Again all of this is a choice. Each will receive what they are ready for.

There is no “punishment” for those who choose other. They will just remain in the vein of life they themselves have chosen or elected to live outside of the ascended collective consciousness. This shift is coming this Fall and will be brought into final alignment come January. So embrace the changes now and go with your highest and best as best you can.

These beings will all still live side by side but just as parallel dimensions do. You can see them but you don’t have to engage in feeling them or being in them and can see them as another density outside of yours. This is a new 5th dimensional gift for those crossing over.

Thanks for your time and insights Sherry, and welcome to our Practitioner Community!

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Learn how to access your own Akashic Records and more in my book Akashic Enlightenment: Akashic Records, Book of Truth, Council of Light, Light Language, and an A Course In Miracles Practice for Soul Aligning Self Enlightenment, Healing, and Ascension


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