Twin Peaks & Snoqalmie Falls: Energetic & Spiritual Reveals & the Anunnaki

In honor of Transcendental meditation participant David Lynch lets take a minute to take a deeper look into the television series Twin Peaks. This show, both early seasons from the 1980s and the new season 3 that just aired May 21st 2017, is clearly touching deep and at time scary places, however all in the name of transcending the mind going through the darker sides to the Light.

Upon inquiry in the Akashic Records this is what was revealed oneof the locations used in Twin Peaks and clearly no accident. It would appear Lynch is very well aware of the energetic power and spiritual history of these locations which ad the depth and resonance to the show.

Both Snoqalmie Falls and Mount Si pack a punch. I have not inquired yet in the Akashic Records about Mount Si but when I was there it was very clear the power of the portal there to bring to you your dark side and challenge you by putting you in it to make you face your fears and choose to know there is great Light beyond this and to simply choose otherwise.

Here is what I received about Snoqualmie Falls in September of 2016.

This is an ancient native and alien burying ground
Aliens as you call them used to bury their lost ones here and the natives knew this and how to use the energy here to connect with the stars and high forms of consciousness and astral planes here

It is a portal like parts of Shasta
Be prepared to see many spirits here collecting to be crossed over to the other side
They come here and exist here because it is a portal
What kind of portal?
To other dimensions due to the star people energy that was left here it raised the consciousness of this area with how to do this with those who know how to access it
What star people?
An ancient alien form of human civilization known to be the predecessors of humans today
Thus this is a portal to your ancient self, reconnection healing will happen there

What is the benefit of this?
To help know more even who you are
Help wake up even more
They knew this and now so do you

This is a place of healing to collect what occured when the Anunnaki were here. There is a deeper history here and how confusion was done in human history through the Annunaki to the early Egyptians.


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