Council of Light Transmission & Light Language: New Earth, New Energies, Divine Feminine

A message I received via Shamanic Journey from the Galactic Council/Council of Light of which I am a part of and visited to receive and deliver this message.

This is a galactic message for the new energies coming in now
This is of vital importance to be distributed to planet Earth now
This is a translated message in your language of English and light language
We are going to change things this time and give you the English version first

This is a translation of the energies that are coming in now
The new energies, the New Earth, are foreign to you
But do not fear these energies are going to be good for all of you
The next 6 months are a period of change
You are to let go and let your DNA strands shift with this energy
This is a cosmic energy of new light
You are now ascending to your light bodies
You are going to remember all of your past lifetimes within a moment
Do not be overwhelmed with the information coming in at this time
It is ok it is enlightened it is a memory
It is going to help you transition to a place you once remembered having all of this love and all of this glory
You’re going to remember this now and move forward on your path and this energy now
So do not resist when these energies and memories come in, it is ok, it is good
You are being aligned for the future that you are you now behold
Things will fall away and it may be very confusing and upsetting for you but it is ok
You do not have to fear this now it is ok
This is why this message is coming you now through the conduit it is
This is a person who is going to be here for you to nurture you and going to hold your hand through this process
There is a reason for all of this, this connection
We are working with her to help you with your transitions
It is ok now
She is your Divine Mother
The world needs Divine Mothers right now so they are being born and waking up to deliver these messages to you and hold you as you are reborn and nurtured to the new children to the New Earth you’re going to be a part of
This is a new world
It is going to be foreign, you’re going to be scared as you learn to walk in these new shoes
But you are not alone and you’re all together and your Divine Mothers are here to help you through this process
They know and understand the confusion you are experiencing now
It is ok
And they are here to help you and to guide you
There is a strong network of these divine women to help you
They are waking up as a community to help you with this transition
You may rely on them
You will find them as you need them
This is what is being called and referred to as the Divine Feminine
No one fully understands that this is what this means at this time
This was the plan a long time ago
For women to connect and open up and remember who they truly are to bring these messages of comfort and reassurance for you
This is Divine Feminine
Some call it the Holy Spirit
Some call it intuition
Some call it inner guidance
All of this is Divine Feminine
As this network is now set up you are going to be reassured and comforted
And each of you that are a part of this network are comforting more than those in front of you now
You are comforting an entire Universe
What is happening now is more important than you may realize
What is happening now here on Earth is affecting the entire Universe
This is not just you this is not just Earth
This is a collective unity consciousness that is being affected at this time
You are harboring this new energy coming in
You’re template
You’re holding this energy to be dispersed for the rest of the universe
This is why this is so important right now
This is why this is so overwhelming
But there is no need for overwhelm for we are all here for you helping you and supporting you, teaching you, showing you that this is the Divine connection
There are so many beings here
There’s so much love
You are SO loved and SO taken care of
And there is such a Divine network supporting you there on planet Earth now
You have your human counterparts that are helping you that are connected to the larger connection and it is ok
You will get through this
You will be ok
This is all part of a natural process right now
And we know it seems overwhelming and it is because it’s not just you it is the entire Universe that is going through this expansion and growth with you because you are All One
There is only One and all is connected to Source

(Light language begins)


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