We Are From the Future. New Earth…arrived.

On NYE my future self came to give my present self a hug. In this moment everything changed. It was a shocking shift. I had a headache, felt nauseous, thought I’d pass out (a similar experience I’d had at the Buddha shrine I was shown to by a Balinese man who appeared out of no where guiding me over to where I felt my 3rd eye split open, another story for another time). I drove home in a wreck of waves of tears. What was happening, I didn’t know. I knew I had been sent to that place and time to receive something. Now I am told it was a gift from my future self. This all may be a bit much to take in but it is happening I am sure of as the world is now not the same place, and it continues to unfold an entirely new reality. Finding words for this occurrence and process is still underway and for now this is all I have to share.

There is a world beyond what was accepted. It is here now and presently unfolds. What do you see? That is it.


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