1111 Transmission for New Earth via the Galactic Council and the Guardians of Light

1111 Transmission for New Earth via the Galactic Council and the Guardians of Light

The following transmission was received by Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP of Body, Mind, Spirit, Soul Wellness on November 10th, 2016 via shamanic journey to the Galactic Council,  of which she is a member of, via the Arcturians and Jesus.

Video version:


Below is the written version.

The ET at the head of the Galactic Council says

Not to worry all threats are undo, unpast, they will not come to be. Earth is safe due to the transitions that we conducted. These were necessary changes that we had to do in the grid of conception of the New Earth.

We needn’t worry you with too many details now, just know the birth of the New Earth has been protected and encased and encapsulated in time and space, in all timelines and time grids to be unaffected by current changes on Earth.

Protection is being brought from all angles and all sides. They are all very well aware of changes going on there. We know  far more than you are aware of.

Trust the phases of transitions at this time and that all will be well. Trusting this is what will make the wave pattern more straight or streamlined through your transitional process. Resisting this process and resulting to panic, anger, and fear only makes the process more difficult.

Raising your vibrations at this time is quite critical to get through these massive changes.

We have altered what we can. The rest is up to you personally. There is free will in action. It is your choice at this time to join the universal group change for the New Earth. You can not be forced to make this change. Your soul can not be forced to make this change. This is your personal choice. Be aware of this at this time.  

Heed caution of false leaders leading you to believe things that are not true. The only truth is the one you will find within at this time. It is strongly encouraged and recommended that you go within and find the answers, resolutions and your core path at this time. This is what is necessary.

End of transmission.
We are sending you peace, love and light.
Blessings to all

(See online video for following light language transmission message)

This is the contract to save Earth. This contract has been enacted due to polarity changes that have happened outside of your singular universe. There are changes happening on a much far greater galactic level than you are aware of that are now affecting your Earth, your transition to New Earth.

We are helping these energies not have too strong of an impact on the changes that are already going on here for there is only so much energy balance that can be conducive to the changes right now.

We are doing our best to help manage these cosmic astrological shifts that are far out of the reach of most beings. We as a group, the Galactic Council, are working on your honor.

We are doing our best to serve humanity at this time and help you in your Ascension process and that of the New Earth.

Be well.
Love, light, to all of you.

For any assistance in your Ascension please contact me for a personal, group, couples, or business Akashic Record reading session or classes.

Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP


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