July 2019’s Major Shift Time

July with 2 eclipses and a mercury retrograde is bringing us into full swing of the great shifts of 2019. This month is really making us let go of so much, karmic patterns and paths that no longer serve us, we are invited and asked to step into our new highest timelines/dimensions/lives.

There are links to downloadable MP3 light language session in the descriptions of the videos or if you feel called to a person session with me please email me at contact@sherrymosley.com.




Peace. Love. Light. Joy.

Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP
Asian Acupoint & Herbal Medicine Therapist, Shamanic Akashic Record Practitioner & Psychic Medium, Akashic Enlightenment Author & Teacher

Enter your own spiritual journey in my book Akashic Enlightenment, Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension: A Tale and Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim



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