My ‘Shell Beach’ Post Eclipse Euphoric Love Experience

Wow was that August 21st Eclipse a mind blower! I was so fuzzy headed and high during the entire event and then disoriented with lack of hunger and disoriented sleeping patterns followed.

Then the euphoria set in.

On Thursday August 24th I had this bubbly feeling in the morning as I ate breakfast and felt very creative or inspired. I went for a walk on the bike trail and before I knew it I felt like I was floating or rising off of the dirt path. I felt this overwhelming love greater than any love possibly felt from another human in a romantic relationship. I felt people looking at me and smiling at me as if they could feel what I was experiencing. Then the wave of euphoria or massive amounts of unconditional love as explained experienced by those who have had near death experiences swept over me. I thought wow, THIS is what is REAL, not this world we see around us but this feeling of absolute love far beyond this material realm. I thought, wow, so this is why I’m here, to remember this and know this and that this is where I am from and who I truly am.

I journaled the following as I was feeling it…

Omg I’ve never felt this way. I feel like I’m having an experience like in the movie Lucy except with extreme states of pure divine love and euphoria. I feel I can see everything behind what is physically manifesting.

The day after the eclipse when I walked people were looking at me strangely or very purposely and smiling at me. Today such euphoria and bliss feeling the connection of all that is and how I am truly just a manifestation of pure loving energy that is moving, morphing, experiencing and creating.

I feel goosebumps and then I feel like there is this bubble gel around my body extending about 3-4 inches and it looks like a transparent cloudy white with a blue thicker outline which feels like a gel layer like jello.


In retrospect it felt like when in the movie Dark City when he wakes up at the beginning and holds the Shell Beach post card and has flashes of remembering that blissful place with blue sky and clear blue ocean knowing that that was where he wanted to go and the entire movie is about escaping the false reality he’s been forced to live in.

Anyone else have an awakening or bliss experience during or shortly after the eclipse?

Peace. Love. Light.
Sherry Mosley, M.S.O.M., C.S.P.


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