Staying Aligned with Higher Self & Source

IMG_9645Staying Aligned with Higher Self & Source

Glass half empty or half full…if it’s half empty ego is at play somewhere, either yours outright or believing someones ego/free will/stuck in past thoughts and things begin to fall apart and dismantle ultimately to reveal that belief in lack is not true.

Glass half full, know that negative/false belief isn’t true and you won’t fall to the negative attack thoughts of the ego/free will/past thoughts that will dismantle things and instead ask, Source/God where do we go from here? What are my highest and best actions now? (Great questions to ask in your Akashic Enlightenment morning session) = Living a life aligned in higher vibration, joy and love even if it is to process your old pain that is tainting true presence in that moment, let it go.

Keep focusing on where your mind and heart are at and the world will be a better place. If you feel unsure if it’s your ego talking or higher self and your heart, add on “Said Source/God/All That Is”. If it sounds funny or off it’s probably coming from ego.

Peace. Love. Light.

Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP

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