Introduction to Light Language Transmissions

In late September of this year I started speaking Light Language per as I was told I would by my Akashic Records when I was in Mount Shasta in August of this year.

Light Language is an interdimensional language of the heart connecting to Source. Hearing it brings healing and Ascension upgrades as necessary and needed by those who receive it or hear it, on a deep soul level.

It sounds like a foreign language and also comes through via speaking, drawing of shapes of a foreign looking alphabet and hand signing. As of today I speak light language and have just now recently started drawing the symbols.

Here are some videos I made of me speaking light language which were to be shared with the world for their own reasons of healing and Ascension . I hope you enjoy them and find them healing on your path.

Peace. Love. Light



Divine Love Light Language transmission 10/02/16

Love & Lullaby Light Language transmission 10/01/2016


Light Language transmission 9/30/2016


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