Akashic Record Reading: What is 4555 all about? Azozeo? Book of leou?

Akashic Record reading from 6/24/15


What is 4555 all about?

It’s a lineage of Jesus

So what is 4555?

it’s a number code for a constellation
they are showing stars and connecting these stars
and the stars open a portal like a black whole that goes to another universe

and what is that?
it’s a universe where there’s a planet of peace
it’s like a planet of very peaceful beings, kinda like ascended beings
they’re like light beings, very gentle very kind
and they just kind of exist
they’re like Angels but have emotions like humans

So what is that relationship between the stones Azeztulite, Azozeo and the book of leou?
they are the next step of humans
they are what humans have the potential to be
they were never actually human
but humans have the potential to transform into beings like them
some of them have come to Earth
they want to inhabit Earth because they like the planet it’s similar to theirs
they don’t like humanity as it is
and THEY are hoping that we transform so that they can then join us here

well what’s the benefit for that?
well by changing the energy of humans and bringing them here it will actually boost the ecosystem here
and create a longer life for the planet instead of having to leave the planet
and the planet dying
so in order to sustain life on the planet you can take on their energy to help transform the ecosystem energy so that it can become more sustaining
instead of following the usual pattern of a species dying
the dying would be the transcending instead this time

anything else about this?
some of these beings are already in your life
you don’t really see them yet
they’re showing up now that you’re asking
(I see them in the room with me, two of them)
they’re very loving
they’re like Angels but without wings
they’re just like human Angles but lighter
they’re just letting you know that they’re around you
and they’re helping you right now go through this process
and other people in your life who are interested in this

thank you


Thank you for reading this.

This reading does not reflect the thoughts, beliefs, opinions or feelings of Sherry Mosley the one doing the reading. This is strictly a question asked to the Akashic Records for general knowledge to all.


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