Introducing the Akashic Records to My Practice

I have recently learned how to read the Akashic Records for myself and for clients and am adding this to my therapies offered. I feel SO excited to be adding this modality to my practice for I have found to be life changing.

The Akashic Records, also known as the Book of Life or Hall of Records. They hold a record every thought, deed, emotion that has ever existed and will ever exist.

I first bumped into the Akashic Records when my spirit guide in the Upper World in my shamanic journey back in April of 2015 said he had something to show me. He showed me an image and said this is from your Akashic Records, go look it up and learn about it. Wow, did I have no idea what I was in store for. It has been such a magnificent journey these last 6 months I can’t even describe.

I started doing readings for friends and familiar clients I’d taught how to do shamanic journeys. And let me tell you, it’s amazing! The energy and consciousness available. Just, amazing. My clients and friends were pleased with their readings, so here I am now offering it to you!


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