New Holiday Movies With Spiritual Aspects & Awakening

The Christmas Chronicles Quantum energy, time travel, Hall of Letters, instant manifestation, true believers, elementals (elves) ….and 80s throw back Kurt Russell (and one more I won’t spoil)! Awesome fun holiday movie! An awesome visual example of what other realms are like, how to get there through portals, and what beings of higher powers can… Read More New Holiday Movies With Spiritual Aspects & Awakening

Accelerated Soul Self Awareness Webinar

Accelerated Soul Self Awareness Webinar 4th Thursday of every month 6:30p-8:00p PacificIt’s time to focus on being aligned in your highest self and clearing the blocks, thoughts, patterns, memories, past lives, and expectations that hold you in a resistance to living your true self, freed and guided to live an authentic and aligned life that… Read More Accelerated Soul Self Awareness Webinar