Discovering Twin Ray

I’m not really sure where to start but at the beginning may be the best. Meeting your Twin Ray is not something you may be expecting when it happens but it sticks with you after it does. We met up at an A Course In Miracles monastery in Mexico in January of 2019. We both felt drawn to go to in 2019. I was there doing Akashic Enlightenment readings for people as well as a light language session for a powerful eclipse at the time.

When we first met there was a sense of immediate recognition like we knew each other and there was an intense energy between us and a pull I felt others could see. He felt it first and looked at me a bit shocked. We had a lunch out with some of the other monastery inhabitants and they watched looking somewhat amazed as my Twin Ray and I talked. I’ll admit I wasn’t expecting this though I had known I was supposed to meet someone with blue eyes who was a part of this monastery but I didn’t realize this at the time. After a few an intense and deep days at the monastery it was time to go. For me leaving the monastery after that meeting was difficult or confusing even though I’d given him my book and we exchanged contact info he was in a committed relationship at that time and I was dating someone back at home.

We emailed initially but it just felt difficult or inappropriate with our other relationship commitments, which mine ended soon after I returned home. Over time there were a few sparse connections by email as our energies became more aligned to actually join in the material world.

In December 2021 I was called to go to Encinitas California to the Golden Lotus Temple at the Yogananda Self Realization Temple. When I was here and in my Akashic Enlightenment, I met Yogananda and Babaji and went through a powerful activation leading to doing the Aqualorian Golden Lotus Transmissions and a lot of Temple of Light online events connecting to the vortex there virtually.

After that trip starting in January 2022 I found out that my Twin Ray realized that he was also feeling energy shifting and more so in February and March. Then end of March I watched the movie Teen Spirit with Elle Fanning. The movie is about a star who is destined to be a well-known well loved singer. She knows that she loves singing and she feels destined for a larger path. Watching this movie I was brought to tears over and over again especially with the song about the light is calling her home. Four days after watching this my Twin Ray called me for the first time.

Our initial conversations were full of a purging of what we thought relationship and connection was and it was coming at an accelerated rate it was surprising and somewhat energy draining to both of us. There was a realization that this was occurring and a purpose to it. Then there was noticing that the more we talked the more each of us felt better and I was guided by Ascended Master Jesus that we talk daily. Jesus had come to me as well before going to far with this connection sharing with me that this is an assignment just as important as writing the Akashic Enlightenment books were, or even more important. I was initially confused with how a person could be an assignment like a book. After we talked I realized that this was far beyond any regular human relationship connection. I realized there was an undercurrent of something powerful the both of us were following something that was Divine and had a plan for both of us that we need to carry out.

After us talking to each other one night I got off the phone I had what I thought was a hypoglycemic crash. I was trembling and shaking and vibrating with energy and I did not know what was happening. I took Chinese herbs and ate some more food and it helped to stabilize but the energy was still vibrating all the way up my energy channels to the crown of my head and making me sweat. It wasn’t until the next day that I realized that this was a kundalini activation spontaneously occurring and this grabbed my attention strongly as something not to be missed. I did an Akashic Enlightenment reading on why this was occurring although in the past I had already done multiple readings looking at the soul connection between me and him with them repeating over and over again saying that we are the only two that can truly help the other become fully self realized and awakened and that there is no other that can do this. That message was repeated over and over in many different ways and all the readings that I did on our connection. And now that I am at this point with it all I realize very clearly what they were pointing to exactly and they were very very on point. So now I will go ahead and share some of the Akashic Enlightenment readings I did on our connection and the soul union that spontaneously occurred where they bring up the term Twin Ray.

4/18/22 Akashic Enlightenment Reading

We were both experiencing a large overpowering ominous feeling that something was happening and coming. It felt restless and absolutely massive like almost an end of the world as you know it feeling in a positive yet very massive scale.

What is this ominous feeling that we both have that something is coming?

This is the energy exchange between the two of you creating a new reality that will bring massive change to you and him forever
There is a sense of losing yourself with this enegy so it feels like a threat to your well being but it is not
You will both be elevated to a new level of being as planned
You agreed to do this together
You agreed to do it now
Can you elaborate on this feeling?
It’s knowing you are going somewhere new somewhere you’ve never been
The collective is being invited as well but you could say you two together are forerunners to this movement
You bring others along when you’re together
Just being together does the majority of this work
Your enegy is charged on a molecular level to bring balance and harmony to the world
You two being together brings balance and harmony to the world
This why it is necessary to be so
It is the primary step
Once it stabilizes it becomes an energy to be harnessed for bringing many others over across the line
Once it gestates and comes to its own maturation you are both able to accelerate and harness this power to share with massive shifting of the collective
Alone your power is little
Together, it is unstoppable
There are no more blocks
There is only Light and moving into Light and being and sharing Light
You become the Light
And anyone can see and is affected by the Light

4/19/22 Akashic Enlightenment Reading

This is the reading I did on the trembling I was feeling after we’d gotten off the phone one night. I was also starting to experience spontaneous astral merging where he’d visit and our energy bodies would merge and heal each other. So I asked what all of this was that was occurring.

It is meant to be this way as to accelerate your awareness of the other
You see that true union is there on its own regardless of physical union
True union just is
So you became aware of this together
That you two are just unified beyond your physical forms because it is what is meant to be
Elaborate on that?
True union is when two souls agree to truly wake each other up to true selves as the spiritual beings they actually are
Physical union thus comes after spiritual union
So you know it is a true union
Not karmic based but based in true spiritual alignment
Meant to be so to speak
So you can move to deeper trust so you move to the deeper work you are actually joined for and not get caught up in physical level illusions of attachment that many have that block true spiritual realization of being with another
This is your path together this true spiritual realization of your union together and all of its expansiveness and how this then affects everyone around you
You will then mirror this true union to everyone else you encounter
It brings the end of false joining or karmic joining many participate in to learn lessons
Your union is true and pure and of purpose thus holds great power of its own
First teaching both of you and then teaching others
Can you tell me more about this spontaneous union?
It serves as marker between soul’s who have agreed to join in a greater spiritual mission in life
They join because they know they have this agreement with each other and it makes/marks the beginning of their path together as Twin Ray souls

What is that?
Two souls who hold mirror rays of Light so they can truly reflect to the other and help each other grow in their spiritual union together from a place of life unconditional love
This love is what powers or fuels this union
This love it their teacher for spiritual growth and reunion with each of their True Beings of Light within
This is a lifetime journey of committed growth and beingness together that then will teach others how to do the same
It is a spiritual right many souls work towards being able to do together for it takes many a lifetime and soul experience to reach this level to this Twin Ray work together
Tell me more
Twin Ray was created to help humanity come to a new full self realization through pairing twin rays of Light field energy for them to balance and harmonize their own imbalance of masculine and feminine and identities in the body and not the spirit soul Light
Through rebalancing the spiritual soul Light, or Ka, back to its unified form will one soul or the many that encounter this union become unified within themselves
This unioned pair of two Ray souls are unified before they even come to earth and vow to find each other on the earth plane when it is time for their lifetime earthly mission together
There is an initial activation at meeting that then shifts all other life events to bring them to union so they may do what they are here to do or just be who they Truly are, Twin Rays of Light mirroring so that all that is false may fall away leaving only pure Light that of you Truly only are
You are the One True Light
There is no other or anything else
In this the twin Ray union delights upon a pure reconnection back to this unified Light for all the world to see and celebrate in
It is a joyous union of great power that will change everything it encounters especially once in its completely unified state
How does that come?
With practice of release to what is
To that you two are but a unified Light field
Be that unified Light field
Let it shine so others may shine
Build a temple or space to send this Light out from
Speak and share from this unified Light you two joined share
There is no other true union but this

Traits and abilities:

  • Telepathic communication and astral visiting
  • Sitting and know what the other is thinking but far beyond a human pace of thought to absolute direct knowing
  • Ability to instantly heal the other with touch or just the sound of the voice to the other
  • Chakra activation through organismic bliss level frequencies of light and know where the other knows they need more light and inviting them to join you there
  • Absolute pure unconditional love and a unending patience for them to just align and move into alignment with you on your Higher Destined path together
  • Sense of something big existing between you
  • Dream connecting and traveling together with chakra light activation bringing each back to and building their Light quotient
  • Love with no agenda except for what the Divine is asking of you
  • Ascended Masters stepping in directly and immediately when direction is needed and both souls knowing this is Truth without any attachment or defensiveness


Blessings,Peace. Love. Light. Joy.
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP
Akashic Enlightenment Author, Teacher & Shamanic Psychic Medium Asian Integrative Medicine Practitioner

Enter your own spiritual journey and shift your life into alignment with your True Soul Self and step into a life of joy, abundance, grace, harmony, wellness, outside of false perceptions and beliefs, karma, patterns and pain of unconscious and conscious free will. Check out my books Akashic Enlightenment, Akashic Records & Book of Truth for Divine Knowledge, Healing, & Ascension: A Tale and Gateway to the Cosmic Laws and Produciaries of Love and Light as seen in the Great Elohim and Origins of Humanity & Ways of Esotericism As Known By the Light now on Amazon and/or sign up for personal readings, training sessions and retreats with me.

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