Accelerated Soul Self Awareness Webinar

Accelerated Soul Self Awareness Webinar

4th Thursday of every month
6:30p-8:00p PacificIt’s time to focus on being aligned in your highest self and clearing the blocks, thoughts, patterns, memories, past lives, and expectations that hold you in a resistance to living your true self, freed and guided to live an authentic and aligned life that is genuine to your soul.

By staying aligned with your soul self you are accelerated into a life that is created by who you truly are in accordance with your soul, your truest highest self. From here you will experience living a life of more joy, abundance, prosperity, peace, truth and acceptance.Please join us as we dive deep into ourselves to connect with who we each are at this present moment and time to better create a more conscious future.

For this live Zoom event I will be on live video and audio and everyone else will have the option to be on video or just audio and able to ask questions into the chat box or audio/video questions as well. It will be recorded and available for download even if you miss the live version.

(There may or may not be light language transmissions depending on what is in alignment with the group at that time.)

REQUIREMENTS: You must have a copy of the Akashic Enlightenment Gateway Prayer and know how to use it so you can open Akashic Enlightenment with the group. It is available in my Akashic Enlightenment book and/or from a class or personal training. It is IDEAL if you have already completed the initial 5 Akashic Enlightenment training alignments.

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Peace. Love. Light. Joy.
Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP

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