Moving Forward with Spring

Blossoming is coming with Spring and energies are shifting us into a new universe. Are your ready to face the coming energy changes? Are you aware of where you are going and wondering how to get some directions and alignment moving forward? Are you finding blocks or stuck patterns you want to move past?

Explode into the action forward motion of Spring by stepping into Akashic Enlightenment and the Book of Truth and start aligning with your true self now and getting out of those old loops. Really step into your highest self for this new year as Spring pushes you forward. Don’t hesitate. Now is the only time there is. Take this time for yourself today to get on the track you have been wanting to get on.

Readings, book, alignment trainings/classes and events on Akashic Enlightenment all available now! Asian Integrative Medicine treatments are also here to help your body get into the new season and keep your immunity up for those that are allergen sensitive.

Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP
Asian Acupoint & Herbal Medicine Therapist, Shamanic Akashic Record & Light Language Practitioner, Akashic Enlightenment Teacher & Author


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