History Channel’s Ancient Aliens: The Akashic Records

So happy to share this with you. Finally the masses are being exposed to the reality that access to the Akashic Records will change and IS changing humanity. (Tesla received his ideas from the Akashic Records.) It is so important for each being to center and access their soul’s Record. Tap into the universal “cloud”, OUTSIDE of the current Matrix many are choosing to continue to live in, and download your highest soul akashic blue prints.

They talk about how higher beings of higher consciousness can communicate to us and share with us the answers we need to our world’s problems now. Also, how to receive information on what is to come and what a person’s soul path is and why certain beings are in our lives.

Once you develop this ability, or your own antennae, you can then also learn to communicate telepathically with higher consciousness beings including Extra Terrestrials, Angels, spirit guides and Ascended Masters.

I teach Akashic Enlightenment just for this reason, so you can learn to plug into the bigger picture your Akashic Records are, and I offer Akashic Record readings and healings to those who are still working on accessing their own Akashic Records for themselves.

Our world is changing. There is NO need for it to continue the way it is. The answers are here. WE, YOU can change RIGHT NOW to the higher plan, script.

Why they didn’t search out any actual Akashic Record readers for this episode is just odd.

Check it out: http://www.history.com/shows/ancient-aliens/season-12/episode-10


Sherry Mosley, MSOM, CSP


Learn how to access your own Akashic Records and more in my book Akashic Enlightenment: Akashic Records, Book of Truth, Council of Light, Light Language, and an A Course In Miracles Practice for Soul Aligning Self Enlightenment, Healing, and Ascension






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