How the Akashic Records ‘Change’ Your Life

So after teaching the Akashic Enlightenment class How to Access Your Akashic Records for Self Enlightenment and Ascension this last weekend in Doylestown Pennsylvania, a participant emailed me asking me what a “typical response” to the work is like. What a great question I thought and so after writing it I felt it a good bit… Read More How the Akashic Records ‘Change’ Your Life

Energy Shifts, Symptoms and Reassurance

There are energy shifts still rolling through in February 2017 and many are having symptoms ranging from fatigue, strange dreams, no appetite to strange cravings, feeling spaced out, cranky, loss of time or memory, confusion, disorientation, etc. According to the Akashic Records and the Ascended Masters and Beings of Light there in, here is what… Read More Energy Shifts, Symptoms and Reassurance